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Next Level Racing F-GT Lite iRacing Edition (NLR-S025)

Next Level Racing F-GT Lite iRacing Edition (NLR-S025)

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Introducing the Next Level Racing F-GT Lite iRacing Edition. An officially licensed product based on the popular Next Level Racing F-GT Lite customized specifically for the iRacing community. The revolutionary design* allows you to be in true racing positions for both Formula and GT racing in the comfort of your home. As a result of its minimalist design, F-GT Lite is the ideal cockpit for any user with limited space. With new innovative Next Level Racing Hubs, the user can switch racing positions quickly and find a comfortable GT and Formula racing position.

Users are now able to have a more interactive experience with the iRacing brand by having a dedicated cockpit. With the purchase of every iRacing Edition cockpit, new users are now able to take advantage of a 12-MONTH FREE iRacing subscription *for new users. In addition, the F-GT Lite iRacing cockpit provides a true brand experience with the coated iRacing logos and colors. The F-GT Lite iRacing is suited for all genres of racing in the iRacing software, to create a unique and immersive experience.

The Next Level Racing Hubs have been developed and engineered for over two years to offer ultimate durability and rigidity with each hub being able to withstand 150kg of force. The Next Level Racing Hubs allows for different angle adjustability to ensure that the user is getting the most comfortable racing position. Thanks to the quick release mechanism, the Hubs have a full range of adjustability to change from Formula to GT. The Next Level Racing Hubs also make it a perfect solution for storage, meaning the product can be folded and stored after racing.

The new Next Level Racing Hubs allow for quick and easy adjustments enabling users to switch between GT and Formula racing positions with ease. The F-GT Lite iRacing Edition allows two true racing positions that users can enjoy with quick release adjustment features.

The F-GT Lite iRacing Edition’s unique design folds to pack away even with electronics installed, allowing the user to easily store their cockpit when not in use, making it the perfect cockpit for sim racers that have limited space. This also allows the F-GT Lite iRacing to be portable and for the user to take their racing setup from room-to-room when needed.

Technical Details
Brand : NextLevelRacing
Model : NLR-S025

Hardware Platform : ‎PC
Operating System : Windows
Product Dimensions : ‎31.3 x 10.5 x 9.8 inches
Color : Black
Seat : highly-breathable fabric

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